Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2012

Delray Beach candidate profiles: Angeleta “Angie” Gray

By Staff Reports

Delray Beach Tribune

DELRAY BEACH -The six candidates running for a seat on the Delray Beach City Commission were asked to submit their answers to a questionnaire for the Delray Beach Tribune and Only three responded. Christina Morrison did not respond to the questions asked. Instead, she submitted her campaign statement.

Here are the answers from Angeleta “Angie” Gray.

Age:  46

Address:  219 S.W. 9th Street, Delray Beach,  FL  33483


Phone  number:  561-860-3788

Family:  Married to Kenneth Gray for 25 years, 3 children and 7 grandchildren

Current occupation:  Top Notch Beauty Spa & Suites, Owner (19

Highest level of education:  Attended Grambling State University

Public service experience:  City of Delray Beach, City Commissioner, 2009-2010; Vice-Mayor, 2011-present; Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, 2007-2009

Civic involvement:  National League of Cities, Women in Municipal
Government, Member; Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, Secretary; Palm Beach County Black Elected Officials, 2nd Vice-President; Boyz
Today, Men Tomorrow, Founder

Political figure you admire most and why: President Barack Obama, I admire his Leadership, and the love that he has for all people.

Fun fact about yourself: I love empowering people.

Office Seeking: Re-Election, Delray Beach City Commission, Seat 4

Why is city government important?  City government is important because, we are the closes to the people. The decisions we make directly impact our residents and business owners.

What is the future of municipal government? The
future of municipal government is not sustainable; unless, we can gain control
of the cost of our employees, and that our property values increase, so that we
can continue to afford our essential services.

What’s your vision for the city? A city where all of our residents
can work, live and play!

As a member of the Delray Beach City Commission,
name your three top priorities for the City.
My top three priorities are cutting spending and holding the line on taxes; preserving and protecting or neighborhoods and quality of life; and, economic development – creating policies and incentives that will attract new businesses and higher paying jobs, and help to sustain our existing businesses as well.

Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities (50
words or less
I have worked hard the past three years to hold the line on taxes by cutting spending.  I voted against the fire tax.  I voted for tougher regulations for Transient Housing facilities.  And, I will continue to be an advocate for economic development and attracting new

 Currently city civil service employees contribute 3.5% and police officers and firefighters contribute 9 percent into their retirement fund (PERS). Would you be willing to endorse an increase in the employee retirement contribution for future employees? __X_Yes __No

Would you support requiring city employees paying a higher share of their healthcare benefits?  __X_Yes __ No

Would you support or oppose a split-roll property tax which would tax commercial and residential properties at different rates? __Support __X_Oppose
Would you support contracting out for non-essential services currently provided by the city? _X__ Yes    No

Given the tough economic times, list two areas of city government you would trim. Be specific, naming program and department.  I support postponing new capital improvement projects until we have the money.  I would also look to incentivize long-time employees to take an early retirement.

What are your thoughts on the redevelopment of the West Atlantic Avenue corridor?  Now that the downtown area has been successfully revitalized, the CRA should adjust its focus to the West Atlantic corridor as promised.

What are your views on Transient resident facilities in the city? (25 words or less) I recently voted for tougher restrictions on Transient Housing including reducing the number of times a landlord can rent a bed from 6 times to 3 times per year, a 50% reduction.

What are your thoughts on a proposal to make the
Congress Avenue corridor the new downtown in hopes of stemming economic development?
  I want to target the Congress Avenue corridor
as a location for future redevelopment and to attract new businesses, and
higher paying jobs.


Please provide two personal and two professional references.

Professional references:  

Former Commissioner Alberta McCarthy

Lula Butler


Please provide a brief overview of your campaign strategy i.e., key endorsements, fundraising goals, amount raised to date, consultants you have retained. (50 words or less)   See below.

How much money would you have raised for your campaign: Approximately $25,000

 Who has  endorsed your campaign:

Elected Leaders & Organizations:   U.S. Congressman Alcee Hastings, Senator Chris Smith, Rep. Mack Bernard,County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor, Former Mayor Tom Lynch and Jay Alperin, Commissioners Alberta McCarthy, Jimmy Weatherspoon, David Randolph, Gary Eliopulous Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches;  and the N/W, S/W Neighborhood Association

Business Leaders: Fran Maricola, George Elmore, Amjad Hammad, Bert Rappenport, Joe Gille, Tom Lynch and Annette Gray

Are you getting professional help on your campaign? (List names and roles):  Yes, Patriot Games, Inc. Campaign Consultants

What is your core message:  My core message is cutting spending and holding the line on taxes; preserving and protecting or neighborhoods and quality of life; and, economic development – creating policies and incentives that will attract new businesses and higher paying jobs, and help to sustain our existing businesses as well.

Who are your core constituencies:  We run at-large.  My core constituencies are all of the residents, and business owners of Delray Beach.


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